QSPA Bispevika

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QSPA Bispevika is centrally located in Bjørvika, the rising cultural hub of Oslo. Surrounded by architectural masterpieces like the new MUNCH, Vannkunsten, and the new Deichmanske public library, this part of Bjørvika has become a trendy and stylish residential area where small cafes, bars, restaurants and galleries lay side by side.

The opening of QSPA Bispevika in spring 2021 is an important milestone on the mission to raise public awareness of and interest in graphic art. By creating a meeting place that offers unique and high-quality fine art prints, QSPA Bispevika will highlight the excellence that exists in fine art printmaking today and make it more available to people. We see it as the epicentre for graphic art, and a window for the world to witness the greatness of this genre.

The exhibition space hosts some of HM Queen Sonja’s own work, in addition to selected pieces by various artists from around the world. QSPA’s association with the best artists and their works, makes it possible for QSPA Bispevika to host events and exhibitions of high-quality and international magnitude.

Current Exhibition


Address Operagata 65B, 0194 Oslo
Opening hours Mon - Wed: by appointment
Thur: 12 - 19
Fri - Sun: 12 - 17
Contact qspa@qspa.no
+47 465 13 094
+47 403 23 558