Magne Furuholmen

Board member of the Queen Sonja Print Award

Magne Furuholmen (b. 1962, Norway) is a renowned Norwegian visual artist, musician/composer, and poet. Furuholmen started his professional visual practice in 1989, and works within a wide range of mediums, with printmaking and sculpture as core parts of his extensive oeuvre. Furuholmen’s subject matter draws inspiration from literature and language, often with self-written text and autobiographical elements present, as well as references to historical events and art history. Latin and the English language are central components. With a strong and poetic visual language, the artist works in a balance of fields of color and sharp lines, with juxtaposed words and statements handwritten or in characteristic stylized fonts. He often makes series of works, always centered around a clear conceptual starting point. Magne Furuholmen has exhibited widely internationally, and his work is represented in institutions and private collections around the world. Furuholmen holds an Honorary Doctorate in Fine arts (D.F.A.) at the University of Agder, and was made Knight of the 1st order of St. Olav by King Harald of Norway for service to mankind.

Magne Furuholmen collaborated with Her Majesty Queen Sonja on the Texture project (2014-

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