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The HM Queen Sonja Art Foundation is dedicated to promoting graphic art and honouring international artists working within the field of fine art printmaking.
Since the establishment of QSPA in 2011, it has transformed itself from one Nordic award, to three different awards of international proportions – the Queen Sonja Print Award, the QSPA Inspirational Award and the QSPA Lifetime Achievement Award. The awards are presented every other year with the purpose of celebrating the excellence of three different artists at various stages in their career.
Today, artists from all over the world are nominated for these prestigious awards, reflecting the breadth of fine art printmaking around the world.

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The Founders of the QSPA Ole Larsen Kjell Nupen HM Queen Sonja and Ornulf Opdahl

Our mission

Our mission is to raise general awareness of and interest in graphic art and printmaking, by honouring artists, supporting great talent and sharing our passion and belief in the positive impact of art.
Ciara Phillips at Trykkeriet, Bergen, Norway in 2019

About Graphic Art

Graphic art is a particular form of pictorial prints that can be produced in editions. Each print is considered an original work of art even though there can be a certain number of the same motif. A graphic print is an imprint from a stone, a wooden board, a metal plate or another material on which the artist has created his or her artwork.

QSPA with Magne Furuholmen

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QSPA with Håvard Homstvedt

QSPA 10th Anniversary Portfolio

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