Steinar Haga Kristensen’s (b. 1980, Norway) extensive practice spans a variety of mediums and formats: painting, sculpture, printmaking, bodies in space - inanimate or live, on and off screens. Yet, at the heart of Haga Kristensen’s practice lies a relentless performing of itself and its motifs, and it is from this that every object and situation takes place across shape and form. The continuous digesting and re-digesting of work in Haga Kristensen’s practice, apart from committing to an exhaustive perversion of artistry.

The Jubileum series conducts a self-survey in the format of a jubilee, an arbitrary celebration of cyclic recurrence. At the same time, exploring the various potentialities inherent to ornamentation as a phenomenon of civilizational manifestation - of identification, collective imaginings, and the occurrence of historical movement on even the most trivial sites.

Jubileum 2021 comprises a number of unique prints based on an event in 2011 showing the artist's takes on the Ash Lad´s rhetorical artifacts from the folklore tale “The Princess who always had to have the Last Word”.