Meerke Laimi Thomasson Vekterli

Recipient of QSPA Inspirational Award 2022

Meerke Vekterli (b. 1988, Norway) plays freely with shapes and patterns, textures and structures, composition and transparency. More traditional techniques, insightfully rooted in the tradition of South Sámi arts and crafts, are explored and combined with more recent technical solutions. The photomechanical and the digital — such as photocopier prints, photopolymer printing, C-prints, and prints scanned through coloured transparent layers composed of various materials — are manipulated, edited, and reprocessed. At the same time, Vekterli is notably skilled in more traditional printing techniques such as woodcut and linocut. Taking nature and culture as her themes, Vekterli creates clear graphic structures and expressions. The results are subtle, unfolding, distinctive compositions and works.