The Founders of the QSPA Ole Larsen Kjell Nupen HM Queen Sonja and Ornulf Opdahl

The Founders of the QSPA; Ole Larsen, Kjell Nupen, HM Queen Sonja and Ørnulf Opdahl

The Queen Sonja Print Award is the world’s leading award for graphic art, and a means to celebrate the art of printmaking, by honoring artists and supporting great talent. It is The Queen’s sincere wish that the award will support and inspire ambitious artists to establish themselves on the international art scene.
The award is presented every other year by the HM Queen Sonja Art Foundation, which was established in 2011 to generate interest in and promote the development of graphic art.

With its focus on fine art printmaking in all its expressions and techniques, the Queen Sonja Print Award is set to become not only the largest, but also the most prestigious prize within this field of contemporary art.

QSPA is not only about handing out prestigious prizes to talented artists. It is also essential in making graphic art more available to the public. Our ambition is to create a meeting place where people can enjoy unique, premium quality prints and printmaking – and be impressed by it– no matter their level of interest in art.
The opening of QSPA Bispevika in 2021 is an important step towards raising general interest in graphic art and making it more accessible to people.

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