North South
East West

HM Queen Sonja’s newest project North South East West will be shown for the first time in QSPA Bispevika’s summer exhibition.

HM Queen Sonja (b. 1937) often uses her own landscape photographs as a starting point for her motives. The photograph, or a detail of the photograph is transferred onto the printing plate and further reworked and processed. Her Majesty often works in series. The proximity to the motif and a continual experimentation with different colour and formal combinations, create abstract images. The effects of light, texture and structures are important ingredients in the art works.

Queen Sonja will show a selection of brand new works from the project “North-South-East-West” in this exhibition. In this project the photographic starting point is taken even further. With the aid of stencils, thinner and printing plates, the Queen has experimented with decoding and re-interpreting the landscape motif. Distinctive contours are strengthened by fresh colour combinations. The images become symbols for the cardinal directions, interpreted in relation to Norwegian nature.

Exhibition period: 3. June – 15. September 2021

HM Queen Sonja, North I, 2021

HM Queen Sonja, North I, 2021
Trypticon, Mixed relief print, 58,5 x 39cm (each)
Edition of 6