Anna Pajak

Recipient of the QSPA Inspirational Award 2020

All art works - courtesy of the artist

Anna Pajak (b. 1992, Sweden) is a painter and printmaker. Her starting point is often a bodily sensation translated into the visual. In her works, she explores geometrical spaces and architectural elements, such as surfaces, patterns, and depths. Pajak merges colour, symbols, and perspectives, into a visionary imagery where the abstract meets the figurative. Drawing from modernist female painters, spiritualism, and dreams, Pajak deconstructs and recombines symbols, images, shapes, and architectural fragments, in ways that challenge traditional contexts and interpretations. Her large-scale paintings bring a sense of another dimension to life — a reality on the border of dream and fiction.

Anna Pajak lives and works in Stockholm. She graduated with a MFA from The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm in 2020. Anna Pajak has exhibited at Stene Projects, Stock-holm, Kunstverket Galleri & QSPA Gallery in Oslo, Alma Löv Museum of Unexpected Art and at The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, to name a few. She has been awarded grants from Queen Sonja Printmaking Award (2020), Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts (2019 & 2020) & Swedish Arts Grants Committee, among others.