Meerke Laimi Thomasson Vekterli

Winner of the QSPA Inspirational Award

”Forestillingen II”

”Forestillingen II”
Analogt fotografi. Fremkalt med avtrykk av papirutklipp som skaper mønster i printet, 2020, 22x28 cm

Meerke Laimi Thomasson Vekterli (b. 1988, Røyrvik) plays freely with surfaces and patterns, textures and structures, composition and transparency. More traditional techniques, insightfully rooted in a South Sami handicraft tradition, are explored and mixed with newer techniques. The photomechanical and the digital; for example in the form of copier printing, photopolymer, c-prints, and prints scanned through colored transparent layers in different materials, manipulated and edited, and processed again. At the same time, she masters more traditional printing techniques such as woodcuts and linoleum cuts.

Vekterli is clearly exploring technical processes and the properties of the materials she uses, and she has a thorough and strong understanding of materials. With nature and culture as the theme, clear graphic structures and expressions are created. The results are subtle, and open up for unexpected and distinctive compilations and works. Queen Sonja Art Foundation congratulate Meerke Vekterli with the QSPA Inspirational Award for 2022.