Master printer
Bill Goldston of ULAE
made QSPA honorary member

Bill BR 4

Bill BR 4

Bill Goldston was made the very first Honorary Member of the QSPA in a private ceremony on the 2nd September 2021 in Oslo.

HM Queen Sonja said of the appointment that Goldston had been an invaluable ally to the QSPA for many years, always generous with his knowledge, time and master printmaking skills in support of the Foundation and its cause. "A great companion on the QSPA journey".

In response Bill Goldston replied that "Sometimes in one's life, things happen that seems imperative to participate in. It has been my pleasure to contribute to the QSPA, and the important advocacy for printmaking and printmaking artists of Her Majesty and the Foundation'".

Bill Goldston joined Universal Limited Art Editions in 1969, and has been the director and master printer of the ULAE studio from 1982 onwards. He is the main patron of the QSPA Inspirational Award, alongside the Foundation itself.