Ebbing, Julie

Ebbing, Julie

Ebbing, Julie
Photo: Tom A. Kolstad ©QSPA'/Press forlag


Jury statement 2017:

The core of Julie Ebbing’s artistic practice is woodcut. She combines this technique with installations, sculpture, embroidery, collage, found objects, performance and text. Ebbing injects raw energy into her graphic works. She is able to exploit the uniqueness of the woodcut technique within its given framework while at the same time creating new contexts. She draws on art history, and offers both political and social commentary in her works. Ebbing’s artistic practice is both relevant and innovative in terms of the medium and its thematic focus.


Born 1985
Winner of Kjell Nupen Memorial Grant 2017 (QSPA Inspirational Award)
Country Norway
Website www.instagram.com/julieebbing