Stustad, Cathrine Finsrud

Stustad ,Cathrine Finsrud, "Talking to stars", 2019

Stustad ,Cathrine Finsrud, "Talking to stars", 2019
Etching, drypoint, botanical contactprint, lino, woodprint, chineese waterprint and drawing.
The print is exposed to the elements for aprox a month, 70 x 120 cm
Photo: Tom Kolstad


Cathrine Finsrud Stustad practice is site-specific and set within nature. Her works span from printmaking and book art to painting and installations in wood. Her works relate to her relationship with nature, while carrying traces of poetry, philosophy and cultural traditions and heritage. Finsrud Stustad leaves her prints and printing plates outside, letting nature provide traces in her art through slow processes


Born 1977
Nominated for QSPA Inspirational Award 2020
Nominated by Foreningen Norske Grafikere (The Association of Norwegian Printmakers)
Country Norway